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A&T Financial Advisers are a financial planning company located in Joondalup, Perth

At A&T Financial Advisers our mission is to provide strategies to enhance your current financial, tax position and understanding on your journey to wealth creation. We pride ourselves on developing long-term cohesive relationships with our clients helping them achieve their financial goals and security. This encompasses ongoing support mechanisms and advice to help our clients deal with any financial obstacles that may occur on the path to attaining their chosen financial future. At A & T Financial Advisers, we believe that there is no "one size fits all" solution to financial planning and each person's situation is unique, therefore our approach comprises customisation and tailoring of our financial advice solutions to benefit the individual client specifically. We offer the experience and backing of a large, institutional organisation, with the personal touch and client service of a boutique financial planning firm.


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Who A&T Financial Advisers Are

Alexander Luck

Financial Planner

Alexander graduated university with a double degree in commerce and economics with the career aspirations of being heavily involved in the financial sector. He started out with a small/medium size business services advisory firm where he gained firsthand experience of clients' needs and expectations when it comes to their financial affairs. Alexander is authorized to provide advice through the Synchron Financial Services Dealer Group

Jan Havinga


Jan is a Chartered Accountant and Partner at Athans & Taylor Joondalup, with over 10 years experience in public practice. Jan focus involves applying a personal approach to each of my clients and assisting them in all aspects of Tax and Business Advisory Services

Geoffrey Luck


Geoffrey has over 30 years' experience in the financial services sector. He is currently the managing partner of Athans & Taylor Joondalup a suburban chartered accounting firm and co-founded the business in May 1991. Prior to this Geoffrey worked for KPMG for 11 years initially in their Audit & Assurance division but later in their Private Business Advisory division.

Our Process

    PHASE 1

  • Fact Find
  • The first step in the process involves the initial consultation and meet. In this meeting we will help to establish your financial goals through understanding and getting to know who you are. This meeting needs to be quite in-depth to get to know you both from a financial position and personally so our recommendations can be as accurate as possible to suit your needs.

  • Preparation of the Statement of Advice (SOA)
  • In this step we will draw on the information gathered to formulate and strategize a plan that meets your goals. Once the strategy is developed it will all be written down in a document called our statement of advice (SOA).

  • Presentation of the Statement of Advice
  • This step involves a face to face meeting to present our recommendations to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. During the meeting the various options will be discussed on how to accomplish your desired financial outcomes.

    PHASE 2

  • Implementation
  • You may choose to have us implement the recommendations for you. This will ensure an efficient and effective end-to-end advice process.

  • Ongoing Service and Maintanance Package
  • Everyone's lifestyle needs are dynamic and are forever changing. With regular periodic reviews of how your financial plan is tracking we can ensure you stay on course to achieve your financial goals.


  • Start to budget and manage your cash flow
  • Pay down "bad" debts
  • Create a regular investment plan
  • Get your super fund going


  • Pay down "bad" debts
  • Appropriate regular investment plan
  • Get advice on borrowing to invest
  • Acquire adequate insurance policies
  • Explore consolidating loans/super fund accounts/bank accounts
  • Be efficient with your super fund
  • Create a Will


  • Pay down "bad" debts
  • Explore consolidating loans/super fund/accounts/bank accounts
  • Appropriate regular investment plan
  • Review your insurance policies and level of cover
  • Be efficient with your super fund
  • Review your Will and estate plan for changing circumstances


  • Increase your super savings
  • Have your risk profile reviewed
  • Get advice on borrowing to invest
  • Review your insurance policies and level of cover
  • Review your Will and estate plan for changing circumstances


  • Use higher limits for concessional super contributions to your advantage
  • Get financial advice on accessing your super
  • Get financial advice to assist you in acquiring government benefits


  • Get financial advice on accessing your super
  • Maximise your super savings, if still employed
  • Access other wealth areas
  • Maximise government benefits
  • Review your Will and estate plan for changing circumstances

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning cover opens up many questions such as:

  • How much money is enough?
  • Can I achieve the retirement lifestyle I want?
  • What do I wish to leave behind for my loved ones?

We can help you answer all those questions by providing a complete and effective retirement plan ensuring yourself a steady income stream in the most tax efficient environment.


Superannuation is a tax efficient structure used as a form of long-term saving and its purpose is to provide you with an income stream in retirement. It is a tax advantaged form of long term saving.

Wealth Protection

Life insurance

Life insurance(death cover)/Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) risk protection plays a critical role in securing and protecting your financial future. Protection of yours and your families assets should be a priority and an integral part of any good financial plan.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance pays a benefit if the Insured Person dies or suffers a terminal Illness while Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance pays a benefit if the Insured Person becomes totally and permanently disabled. Term Life insurance can be used to help your family pay outstanding debts and to cover the costs of their future financial needs such as funding your children's education or rehabilitation costs.In Australia, Life Cover and Total Permanent Disability can be included in your superannuation and thus provide a tax advantaged way of paying the premium on your Life and Total Permanent Disability cover.

Income Protection

Income protection provides a monthly benefit to replace a portion (up to 75%) of the income lost when the Insured Person is unable to work at their full capacity due to sickness or injury. This will assist you in maintaining your ongoing income and lifestyle expenses. (i.e supporting your mortgage repayments).


Trauma Insurance pays a benefit if the Insured Person suffers from one of a defined list of specified medical events such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. Living Insurance can help with major expenses, providing financial peace of mind during your recovery.

Business Overheads

Business Overheads pays a monthly benefit for the day to day costs of running a business if the Insured Person is disabled because of sickness or injury and is unable to work at their full capacity in their business.

Estate Planning

Is your current Will up to date? Estate Planning is vital to any financial plan and extends to asset protection and the ongoing minimisation of income tax for your beneficiaries. Estate planning is designed to reduce the financial suffering and to minimise the risk of family disputes of those left behind upon your demise. At A & T Financial we work alongside trusted lawyers specialising in estate law to ensure you get the best possible service for your affairs.


Our investment advice is driven only by what is in the best interests of our clients. We advise on a full range of investments including cash, fixed interest, property and Australian & international shares / equities. Asset allocation and investment portfolios are tailored to each client's investment objectives and risk profile. Portfolio construction is largely based on independent research and analysis combined with in-house expertise and our philosophy of investing.

Business Solutions

We offer a range of business solutions which can be tailor uniquely to a business's needs such as:

  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Key man Insurance
  • Business overheads insurance

Taxation & Accounting


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